Piece of Cake

2019, Station Hill Press

Paperback 250pp


A Free Man
(revised ed.)

2019, Spuyten Duyvil

Paperback 350pp



Out of the Question. Lewis Warsh

Out of the Question

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2017, Station Hill Press

Paperback 176pp


Alien Abduction. Lewis Warsh

Alien Abduction

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2015, Ugly Duckling Presse

Paperback 136pp


One Foot Out the Door. Lewis Warsh

One Foot Out the Door

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2014, Spuyten Duyvil

Paperback 416pp


mimeo mimeo #7. Lewis Warsh

MimeoMimeo #7

The Lewis Warsh Issue

2012, MimeoMimeo

Paperback 202pp


A Place in the Sun. Lewis Warsh

A Place in the Sun

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2010, Spuyten Duyvil

Paperback 217pp


Inseperable. Lewis Warsh


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2008, Granary Books

Paperback 212pp


The Flea Market in Kiel. Lewis Warsh

The Flea Market in Kiel

2006, Designer & Printer: Patrick Masterson


Flight Test. Lewis Warsh

Flight Test

2006, Ugly Duckling Presse


Reported Missing. Lewis Warsh

Reported Missing

1998, Granary Books

Hand-bound 20pp

Cover: Emily Clark


Ted's Favorite Skirt. Lewis Warsh

Ted’s Favorite Skirt

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2002, Spuyten Duyvil

Paperback 215pp


Debtor's Prison. Lewis Warsh

Debtor’s Prison

with Julie Harrison

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2001, Granary Books

Paperback 136pp

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The Origin of the World. Lewis Warsh

The Origin of the World

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2001, Creative Arts Book Co.

Paperback 80pp



Touch of the Whip. Lewis Warsh

Touch of the Whip

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2001, Singing House Press

Paperback 112pp


The Angel Hair Anthology. Lewis Warsh

The Angel Hair Anthology

Edited with Anne Waldman

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2001, Granary Books

Paperback 500pp

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Money Under the Table. Lewis Warsh

Money Under the Table

1997, Trip Street Press

Paperback 115pp


Private Agenda. Lewis Warsh

Private Agenda

With Pamela Lawton

1996, Hornswaggle

Paperback 48pp


Buston's Island. Lewis Warsh

Bustin’s Island ’68

1996, Granary Books

Spiral bound 36pp



Avenue of Escape. Lewis Warsh

Avenue of Escape

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1995, Long News Books

Paperback 95pp


A Free Man. Lewis Warsh

A Free Man

1991, Sun & Moon Press

Paperback 356pp


Information from the Surface of Venus. Lewis Warsh

Information from the Surface of Venus

1987, United Artists Books

Paperback 93pp

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The Corset. Lewis Warsh

The Corset

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1986, In Camera

Paperback 28pp


Agnes & Sally. Lewis Warsh

Agnes & Sally

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1984, FC2/Black Ice Books

Paperback 111pp


Methods of Birth Control. Lewis Warsh

Methods of Birth Control

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1984, Sun & Moon Press


The Maharajah's Son. Lewis Warsh

The Maharajah’s Son

1978, United Artists Books

Paperback 110pp

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Blue Heaven. Lewis Warsh

Blue Heaven

1977, Kulchur Foundation

Paperback 127pp


Part of My History. Lewis Warsh

Part of My History

1972, Coach House Press

Paperback 127pp


Dreaming as One. Lewis Warsh

Dreaming as One

1971, Corinth Books

Paperback 88pp